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Suspended website service restarted

Dear Customers

Thank you for using ATTO website.

Suspended Web service was restarted from 12:00 am on February 17th (Sat).
The server maintenance was successfully finished and services are available again.
We appreciate your cooperation.


ATTO Corporation

***** Feb. 16 Notice the website service to be suspended shown below *****

We are sorry to inform you that the service of the website will be suspended due to the server maintenance this weekend.
From: 0:00 am on February 17th (Sat) Japan Time
To: 8:00 am on February 19th (Mon) at most

The suspended server will be restarted from 12:00, however, the whole recovery of the service may take time. 
We apologize for this sudden announcement and causing you inconvenience very much.
We appreciate your favor and cooperation.


ATTO Corporation