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A happy new year!

We wish you a happy new year!

This year ATTO is celebrating 50th anniversary since its establishing in 1964, the year of the dawn of the bio science and technology of Japan.

We sincerely express its appreciation to all the customers and partners for their kind support over a half century.

Now we are standing on the start point to the next half century.
We will elaborate in the development and providing of equipments and reagents for research in the life science and technology to contribute to advance in these research.

Jan. 1, 2014
Shigemitsu Yamada
ATTO Corporation







Happy New Year 2014

Products released in 2013

New products released in 2013 listed below.

Product Name Product Number Description
WSE-7010 Fluorescent protein labeling kit for SDS-PAGE
EzLabel FluoroNeo is a kit for SDS sample preparation and simultaneously for fluorescent labeling of protein and polypeptide. Fluorescent labeling reaction completed in only 3 min.
The electrophoresed pattern is visualized immediately after electrophoresis without staining/destaining.
Protein bands emits 530 nm fluorescence by UV or Blue LED excitation light. 
  WSE-5200 A gel imaging system with a high resolution CCD camera and a touch control panel
WSE-5200 Printgraph 2M is a simple operation and user-friendly to capture, preview and save fluorescent (SYBR, EtBr) and colorimetric (CBB) gel images with touch control panel. Tricolor RGB light source is available to take images in various fluorescent dye.
WSE-7420 RIPA lysis buffer for protein extraction from mammalian cells or tissue samples
Designed for whole cell extract preparation for the following applications;
Electrophoresis/ Western blotting/ Immunoprecipitation/ ELISA/ Enzyme activity/ etc.
Since EzRIPA Lysis kit is amine-free buffer that based on HEPES buffer, labeling experiments of prepared sample can be applied directly.
WSE-7421 Subcellular extraction kit separates and extracts Cytosol, Nuclei, Membrane, insoluble protein from mammalian cells
Designed for sample preparation for electrophoresis, immunoprecipitation, ELISA, chromatin immunoprecipitation assay, enzyme activity experiments, etc.
Simple operation by centrifuging after addition of four extraction buffers stepwisely. Additionally required material is only cooled centrifuge( to10,000 x g).
WSE-7422 Subcellular Fractionation kit that fractionates Nuclear, Mitochondria and Cytoplasmic fractions from mammalian cells
Sample preparation for electrophoresis, immunoprecipitation, ELISA, chromatin immunoprecipitation assay, enzyme activity & bioactivity experiments, etc.
Simple preparation of organella fractionation in high reproducibility and purity. Additionally required material is only cooled centrifuge( to10,000 x g).
WSE-7230 Concentrated Tris-buffered saline used as a wash buffer and antibody diluent for immunochemical analysis
Used for Western blotting, ELISA, immunocytological, and immunohistochemical analysis.
WSE-7235 10% Tween 20 solution
EzTween is a nonionic detergent used for immunochemical analysis
Add EzTween to TBS or PBS for using as a wash buffer of western blotting
Pipetting easy by a low viscosity of the solution
WSC-2610 WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK is a microprocessor-controlled product using advanced thermoelectric technology
In compact body, very various use such as sample preparation of electrophoresis, DNA/RNA denature and reaction, trans-information of E. coli, etc. can be applied.
WSC-2620 WSC-2620 PowerBLOCK is a cool & heat dry bath able to reach set-temperature in mins
It can reach to the target temperature in about 7min, you can easily use it with different temperature just after using with previously set temperature.
Wide and stably accurate temperature setting is from –10 to 100 C. It can be used for very wide applications and used in different temperature settings continuously.
WSC-2630 WSC-2630 PowerBLOCK Sharker is  all-in-one high specification shaking incubator
It is available to mix samples while incubating, and setting temperature is from 0 to 100 C.
No need cooled or thermostatic room or additional chambers.
While using it as conventional block incubator, it is also compatible for more specific application such as Immunoprecipitation assay, ELISA, Bid purification of DNA/RNA that requires mixing while reaction.