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Top page of ATTO website renewed

Thank you for visiting ATTO website.
The ATTO website has undergone a partial renovation of the top page on September 29.
We made the following modifications and aimed to improve usability of the site.
1) Enlargement of the top slider (large image at the top of this page)  and increase of the number of pages,
2) Prevent the product information menu of Global Navigation from closing with cursor OFF immediately - Change to close by "X" button click
3) Expanding "login" "new member registration" button
4) Sizing and scrolling the Pickup

Due to this renewal, the top page may be incorrect temporarily since 29th Sep. to 2nd Oct. today.
We fixed it up and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
We will make further efforts to improve customers' experience on this website.
Thank you for your cooperation.