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Terms and conditions of Use

Terms and conditions of Use

Terms and conditions of Use

These terms and conditions of use described in this page are only applicable to the website of ATTO Corporation. When you browse this website, you are deemed to have assented to these terms and conditions.These terms and conditions of use are subjects to change without notice. ATTO Corporation may revise these terms at any time.

Disclaimers of liability

ATTO Corporation assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy, currency, up-to-datedness, or other qualities of the information contained on this website. ATTO Corporation accepts no liability for any damages suffered as a result of your access to this website, any additions, modifications, corrections, or deletions of the information on the website, or the suspension or ceasing of public availability thereto, except when required by law.

Copyright and trademarks

Unless specifically stated, ATTO Corporation or authors of the contents of this website owns the copyrights to all documents, images, video, and other materials provided on this website, and these copyrights are protected by the copyright laws, treaties, and other laws of each country. You may view or print the materials for your personal, non-commercial use.
All ATTO trademarks, logos, and names of products are the property of ATTO Corporation. All other trademarks, logos, or names of products of other companies are the property of their own.
If you want to use any materials or trademarks etc. on this website, you need to obtain prior written permission from ATTO or the owner.

Links to this website

If you would like to link to this website, please contact us. Note that ATTO do not allow links from such websites as ATTO may find to be inappropriate
When ATTO find the link license to be inappropriate, even the license which was once accepted, ATTO may cancel the link.

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