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Liquid Chromatography
Perista® Pump

  • Deliverying liquid by peristaltic method (Flow rate 0.1-1500mL/Hour)
  • Solution sending pump for chromatography
  • Solution sending pump for fermenter culture
  • Solution sending pump for perfusion culture/perfusion fixation 
  • Solution sending pump for chemical liquid reflux experiment 
  • Pump for prepared liquid 
  • Pump for perfusion/reflux 
  • Also this pump is available for wide variety of purpose at research institute, production plant and so on 

A soft tube made of silicon is squeezed by rollers and liquid is delivered. The product name "Perista® Pump" is a registered trademark of ATTO Corporation. Liquid contacts only the inside of tube so that it is not polluted and sent under aseptic condition. Also, tube is an only part to be cleaned after use. 

pump head

Cautionary notices of long time continuous operation with Perista Pump 

  • Consumption of silicon tube 
  • Abrasion of the rollers 
  • Abrasion of the internal gear (at high load) 

Please replace to new parts when it is worn out. 

Chemical Proof Chart of Silicon Tube 
Acetaldehyde × Chromic anhydride Linseed oil Potassium phosphate
Acetic acid Coal tar Magnesium hydroxide  2-Propanol
Acetic anhydride Cotton seed oil Maleic acid Propyl acetate ×
Acetone Creosote × Melamine resin Silicon oil
2-Aminoethanol Diamylamine Methanol Sodium acetate
Ammonia 1,2-Dichloroethane × Methyl acetate × Sodium hydroxide
Ammonia water Dichloropentane × Methyl ethyl ketone × 10% Sodium hydroxide
Ammonium carbonate Diesel oil Methyl isobutyl ketone × Sodium hypochlorite
Ammonium hydroxide Dimethyl phthalate 2-Methylpropene × Sodium nitrite
Aniline × Dipentane × Molasses Sodium sulfite
Aromatic hydrocarbon × Ethanol Molten sulphur Stearic acid
Asphalt × Ethyl acetate × Naphtha × Styrene ×
Benzene × Ethylene glycol Nitric acid × Sulfur dioxide
Butadiene × Fatty acid Nitrobenzene × 0-10% Sulfuric acid
Butane × Fish oil Octanol 10-50% Sulfuric acid
Butanol Formic acid Oleic acid 50% Sulfuric acid ×
Butyl acetate × Furfural × Palmitic acid Sulfurous acid
Calcium hypochlorite Glycerol Paraform-aldehyde × Tannic acid
Castor oil Hydrochloric acid × Paraldehyde × Trichloroacetic acid
Chlorine(wet) Hydrogen peroxide water Pentane × Trichloroethane ×
Chlorine-containing insulation oil Hydroquinone Pentanol Triethanolamine
Chloroacetic acid Isobutane × Pentyl acetate × Triethylamine
Chlorobenzene × Kalium hydroxide Phenol Triol ×
Chloroform × Kerosene × Phthalic anhydride Volatile oil ×
Chloromethane × Lactic acid Pitch × Xylene ×
Silicon Tubes 

The abrasion condition is varied by working condition. We recommend the parts such as silicon tube and roller are replaced early before it is worn out.

Product code Product name Amount
1292124 1,2&3 mm Silicon Tubes (φ3mm-1mm/φ4mm-2mm/φ5mm-3mm :each 1 m) 1 set
1292121 1 mm, 5 m    Silicon Tube (φ3mm-1mm×5m) 1 tube
1292302 1 mm, 10 m  Silicon Tube (φ3mm-1mm×10m) 1 tube
1292303 1 mm, 20 m  Silicon Tube (φ3mm-1mm×20m) 1 tube
1292301 1 mm, 50 m  Silicon Tube (φ3mm-1mm×50m) 1 tube
1292120 2 mm, 5 m    Silicon Tube (φ4mm-2mm× 5m) 1 tube
1292305 2 mm, 10 m  Silicon Tube  (φ4mm-2mm×10m) 1 tube
1292306 2 mm, 20 m  Silicon Tube  (φ4mm-2mm×20m) 1 tube
1292304 2 mm, 50 m  Silicon Tube  (φ4mm-2mm×50m) 1 tube
1292119 3 mm, 5 m    Silicon Tube  (φ5mm-3mm×5m) 1 tube
1292308 3 mm, 10 m  Silicon Tube   (φ5mm-3mm×10m) 1 tube
1292309 3 mm, 20 m  Silicon Tube   (φ5mm-3mm×20m) 1 tube
1292307 3 mm, 50 m  Siilcon Tube   (φ5mm-3mm×50m) 1 tube

※The longer tube it is, the lower price it is. (Please ask us the stock status and delivery schedule.) 

※1,2&3 mm Silicon Tubes (#1292124) is attached regularly to Perista Pump. 

The Others Parts 
Product code Product name Amount
1292231 Pump Head  1 set
1292233 Set of Rollers (6 rollers & 1 central drive wheel) 1 set
1292235 Cover Plate 1 plate
1292236 Add cassette  
Component:1 cassette, a stud, Silicon Tubes
1 set

The form of cassette part is minor changed. The cassette of new form can be put on the old form, but the opposite is impossible. 


Perista Pump Series 
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Perista® Pump :

Stand Alone type

Perista® Pump

Perista® Pump

Perista® Pump :

Externally Controllable type

Perista® BioMini Pump

Perista® Pump