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Variety of Power Supply and How To Choose The Best

Please choose power supply of which you can control current/voltage in accordance with your experimental condition. 

ATTO Power Supply
 Type Multifunctional / High spec type  Small / Light weight type
Model WSE-3200 WSE-3500 AE-8135  AE-8155
Product name

powerStation III

powerStation HC

myPower II 300

myPower II 500

Voltage Output 10~1000V 5~150V 1~300V 1~500V
Setting 10~1000V
(1V step)
(1V step)
(1V step)
(1V step)
Current Output 0~500mA 0~3.00A 1~400mA
(0mA starting setting is available)
(0mA starting setting is available)
Setting 1~500mA
(1mA step)
(0.01mA step)
(1mA step)
(1mA step)
Power Output 0~200W -
(Load limitation:
(Load limitation:
Setting 1~200W
(1W step) 
Timer 1~999 min(1 min step)
Continuos, Countdown
1~999分(1 min step)
Vh integrator - -
Accuracy Voltage:indicated value less than ±(0.2% of rdg±5digit)
Current, Power:indicated value less than ±(0.5% of rdg±5digit)
indicated value less than ±(1%FS±1digit)
Alarm End of loading, Errors End of loading(melody selection is possible), Errors
Display LED 3 digits ×2 LED 3 digits ×2
Power outlet 4 paird in parallel 2 pairs in parallel
Power consumption less than 300VA 70VA 40VA
Dimensions 96(W)×341(D)
Weight 2.4 kg (Main body) 0.74 kg (Main body)
About the specifications

Constant Current (CC)/ Constant Voltage (CV)/ Constant Watt(CW)                                                                                                                      

Original high-frequency switching system, automatic crossover

  • The power supply is lighter and more compact due to high-frequency switching system.
  • CC/CV/CW output is transformed automatically depending on a change of electric resistance value and set value during electrophoresis due to crossover method.

For example, on constant voltage mode, if max current (power, W) value is set, more current (power, W) is not outputted and unnecessary output is automatically restricted.

"Crossover" method prevents to generate Joule heat so that it prevents denaturation of sample and evaporation of buffer solution owing to temperature rise of support medium. Also trouble relating power supply can be minimized. 


Field of application

Specifications, voltage value/ current value (/ power value) which are required is varied depending on electrophoresis chamber or blotting device. 

Please refer to table and note in the below. 

Model WSE-3200 WSE-3500  AE-8135 AE-8155
Name powerStation III powerStation HC myPower II 300 myPower II 500
Compact slab/Mini slab
Slab ×
Cooling slab × ×
Sequence × × ×
Isoelectric focusing (disc) ×
Isoelectric focusing (plate) × × ×
Submarine type agarose
Semi-dry blotting
High-speed semi-dry blotting  △
Wet(Tank) blotting × × ×

○ : suittable  △ : restricted by condition  × : Not suitable

  • Relatively high voltage (V) is required for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). Especially, high voltage (V) is necessary if it is cooled or electrophoresis chamber is large (distances between electrode is long). 
  • Relatively high current (several hundred mA ~ A) is required for agarose electrophoresis or blotting.
    table by purpose
  • Stable output in low power region (0~several mA) is required for isoelectric focusing. 
  • Low voltage (V) output may be sometimes required for blotting. powerStation III supplies more than 10V, and powerStation HC supplies more than 5V so that confirm experimental condition.
  • When several chambers are connected, value of "the number of chamber x current (mA)" is required. More current (mA) and power (W) is necessary.
  • Output terminal is connected in parallel in power supply. 
  • Our lead wire attached to chamber is connectable. If lead wire of another company is used for connecting, confirm the size and safety measure.
Condition of conducting electricity 

Please refer to the instruction manual of electrophoresis apparatus or blotting device which is connected to power supply for setting the condition.                       

In general, it is said that current is proportional to conducting area, and voltage is proportional to distance between electrode (length of gel).                           

For example, if the condition is set to 20 mA constant current per 1 sheet of gel with dual chamber and 2 sheets are set, 40 mA is required to set because conducting area is double. Also the condition set to 20mA constant current for 1 mm thick gel is the same as that sett to 40mA for 2 mm thick gel.

 If 1 power supply is connected to 2 electrophoresis chamber (output terminals are connected to each chamber), conducting area increases like the above explanation (Normally, there is parallel circuit in power supply). So, in the case of constant current setting, current value needs to be set in double. On the other hand, in the case of constant voltage setting, current value doesn't need to be reset.                                           

About voltage, high voltage may be required depending on the operation condition such as that migration distance is long (large electrophoresis apparatus is used) or temperature is low etc. This is because, the resistance increases.


condition of electricity