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Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (Submarine electrophoresis)

What's Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (Submarine Electrophoresis)? 

Horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis for nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) sample is operated by the method to immerse gel in buffer. This method is also called submarine electrophoresis compared to a submarine in the sea. We, ATTO, provide the system of method called "Submerge Series".

Submarine Electrophoresis

Nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) dissolving in buffer etc. is charged in negative by phosphate residue. If the solution (DNA sample) is added to agarose gel and electrophoresed in buffer, it migrates towards anode (+). At this time, long DNA moves slowly through network structure on the contrary short DNA moves rapidly due to molecular sieve effect of gel. So, nucleic acid shows each mobility depending on the size of nucleic acid. Electrophoresis pattern of nucleic acid is provided by dyeing gel after electrophoresis with fluorescent dye (Ethidium bromide) and detecting it. You can determine the size (Molecular weight marker is necessary) and get the information of genotype for individual identification from this pattern.

Example of Use : Genotyping 

Submerge series is suitable for electrophoresis for analyzing genetic polymorphism because gel size is large and migration distance can be made longer. Also many number of samples are operated at once so it is appropriate to electrophoresis for confirming PCR products. The general method for genotyping is following; DNA extraction from sample-PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)-Agarose gel electrophoresis-Gel imaging/analyzing.

ATTO Submarine Type Electrophoresis System 
Model WSE-1710 AE-6100 AE-6111
Product name Submerge-Mini     Agarose EP Kit Agarose EP Kit
Gel size S:54mm(W)×60mm(L)
80mm(W)×100mm(L) 120mm(W)×160mm(L)
Gel casting style Tray style Tape style Dam style
Sample comb S:9/5well x2, L:22/12well x2
(Double edged comb)(3/5.8mm width)
10well x1
(3mm width)
26/13well x1
(Double edged comb)(3/6mm width)
Buffer volume 200-230mL 300-500mL 700-1200mL
Buffer circulation
(Cooling/Constant temperature)
- - Available; Nozzle for buffer circulation is attached
Power supply unit Built-in - -
(Except projection)
190(W)x130(D)x60mm(H) 190(W)x100(D)x80mm(H)  286(W)x150(D)x83mm(H)
Weight 0.45kg(Except AC adaptor) 0.5kg 1.5kg
How to Select Electrophoresis Chamber 

Please select electrophoresis system depending on sample. For example, in the case of the experiment with many number of samples (well), we recommend the system of which width (W) is broad. In the case of experiment with many number of bands, the system of which length (L) is long is suitable.

How to Select Power Supply

Power supply is required when Submerge series is used. Please note that the larger the system (gel) is, the larger current capacity it requires.

Power Supply
Model Name AE-6100 AE-6111
AE-8135 myPower II 300
AE-8155 myPower II 500
WSE-3200 PowerStation III
WSE-3500 PowerStation HC