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AE-1412 EzRun C+

Electrode buffer for SDS-PAGE with high performance
EzRunC+ is an electrophoresis buffer designed for SDS-PAGE of proteins, with high-resolution performance. It prevents oxidation of proteins (recombination of -SH groups) during electrophoresis and thus makes the bands sharper and more separated.

AE-1412 EzRunC+

AE-1412 EzRunC+

migration pattern

Migration pattern of EzRunC+ and EzRun (Laemmli Buf.)

Purpose and Application
  • Separation of Proteins
  • Prevent protein oxidation (recombination of -SH groups) during electrophoresis, providing more accurate results and sharper bands
  • Easily prepared by dissolving with distilled water
  • Powder form saves space and allows long period storage
Product Number AE-1412
Product Name EzRunC+
Major components Tris, glycine, SDS, and SH protective agent
(final concentrations of 25 mM Tris, 192 mM glycine, 0.1% SDS, and SH-protective agent)
Manner of package Powder/bag x 10 bags
Method of use Dissolve powder in distilled water
(1 bag dissolved with distilled water to a final volume of 500 mL)
Applicable amount 500 mL x 10 runs (ATTO Mini Slab Chamber x 10 runs)
Storage period At 4℃ for 1 year (powder)


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