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WSE-7210EzFastBlot HMW

MeOH free and speedy transfer system

Semi-dry Fast Transfer buffer for High molecular weight proteins(200kDa <)

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WSE-7210 EzFastBlotHMW

WSE-7210 EzFastBlot HMW

EzFastBlot HMW blotting

EzFastBlot HMW  blotting example

Purpose and Application
  • Speedy transfer for high molecular weight proteins (200kDa <)
  • MeOH, Acid, Detergent free
  • Effective transfer of high molecules (MW200kDa)
  • The time to complete blotting is 15-30min, Greater time shortening 
  • 5x concentrated reagent-Dilute with distilled water before use
  • MeOH, Acid, Deteregent free
  • For 1 year at room temperature in dark
Model WSE-7210 EzFastBlotHMW 
Major Components Tris  x5 concentrated solution
Volume 500mL/Bottle
Preparation x5 dilute with distilled water
Applicant Amount For 2.5L (About 100mL/1 sheet for about 25 sheets as Mini gel)
Storage For 1 year at room temperature in dark


*When this blotting solution is used, it required 250-450mA per 1 Mini gel sheet. So we recommend power supply of high current output type for it. Please contact us for more details.



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