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WSE-7055EzRun TG

Buffer for Tris-glycine PAGE and tank style blotting 

Tris-Glycine buffer for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
Tank style blotting buffer.

ATTO reagent for Lower cost with High-performance and High-quality!


WSE-7055 EzRunTG

WSE-7055 EzRun TG 

Purpose and Application

Electrophoresis buffer for protein native-PAGE

Electrophoresis buffer for DNA precast gel (PAGEL)

Buffer for tank blotting 

  • Buffer for native-PAGE
  • Buffer for DNA precast gel(PAGEL)
  • For protein western blotting buffer
  • Sterilized: DNase free
  • Room temperature 1year
Model WSE-7055 EzRun TG 
Major components Tris, Glycine
Composition x10 Concentrated solution 500mL/bottle
Preparation x10 Dilute with DW 
After diluting 5L
Volume 500mL/time・10 times (ATTO electrophoresis)
Valid term 1year


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