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AE-1460 EzBlot

Western Blotting Transfer Buffer
EzBlot is a transfer buffer comprised of three reagent for semi-dry blotting of protein sample.

AE-1460 EzBlot

AE-1460 EzBlot

Purpose and Application
  • Transfer buffer for semi-dry western blotting
  • Higher transfer efficiency than Tris-Glycine buffer
  • Higher efficient transfer buffer for semi-dry western blotting
  • Disposable trays are included
  • Easy to use 
  • Economical
Product Number AE-1460
Product Name EzBlot
Main components A-Tris; B-Tris; C-Tris and 6-aminocaproic acid
Package 4 Bottles (Solution A, C x1, Solution B x2)
40 disposable trays
Volume Solution A: 475 mL, Solution B: 950 mL (475 mLx2), Solution C: 475 mL
Method of use Mixed with methanol and placed in trays. Filters are dipped in the solutions and stacked.
Applicable amount Serve for 2 L (approximately 20 runs of Minigel blotting)
Storage  1 year at room temperature in dark 


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