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WSE-7423 EzBactYeastCrusher

Extract protein for Yeast & Bacteria

Solubilizing buffer for protein extracting from Yeast &  Bacteria

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WSE-7423 EzBactYeastCrusher

WSE-7423 EzBactYeastCrusher 

Purpose and Application

Protein extracting from Yeast & Bacteria for various experiments
Enzyme activity experiments 
Western blotting etc.

  • Simple operation
     (Mix reagent with bacterial cell, and then leave it →Centrifuge→Collect the supernatant)
  • Complete to prepare within 30 minutes 
  • Glass beads, Homogenizer, Ultrasonic crushing apparatus are unnecessary 
  • Absence of enzyme inhibition
  • Attached with DNase, Protease inhibitor
  • NOT include Amine
  • Absence of inhibition of column purification (His, GST etc.)  
Model WSE-7423 EzBactYeast Crusher
Package ①Yeast PreLysis buffer   : 100mL
②BactYeastLysis buffer  : 100mL
③Protease inhibitor  :1mL
④DNase :1mL 
Applicable amount 50~100mg/Sample   For 100 samples
Storage ①② at room temperature, ③④ at -20℃
Storage period For 1 year



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