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WSE-7422 EzSubcell Fraction

Subcellular fractionation kit
Subcellular Fractionation kit that fractionates Nuclear, Mitochondria and Cytoplasmic fractions from mammalian cells.

Subcellular fractionation kit

WSE-7422 EzSubcell Fraction 

Nuclear, Mitochondria, Cytosol fraction fractionated from mammalian cells

Nuclear, Mitochondria, Cytosol fraction fractionated from mammalian cells

Purpose and Application
  • Electrophoresis/ Western blotting/ Immunoprecipitation/ ELISA/ Bioactivity/Protein purification/ Chromatin immunoprecipitation assay/ Enzyme activity/ etc.
  • Sample preparation for electrophoresis, immunoprecipitation, ELISA, chromatin immunoprecipitation assay, enzyme activity & bioactivity experiments, etc.
  • Simple preparation of organella fractionation in high reproducibility and purity.
  • Additionally required material is only cooled centrifuge( to10,000 x g).
  • Process for all fractionation is completed in 2 hours.
  • Detergent or non-detergent method is available.
Product Number WSE-7422 
Product Name  EzSubcell Fraction
Main compornent ・HEPES, detergent
・Protease Inhibiotr(100×)
Aprotinin, PepstatinA, Leupeptin 
Applicable amount 50 samples, up to2.0×107cells/sample
Storage period 1 year
Package ・Fraction buffer 1:50mL
・Fraction buffer 2:50mL
・RIPA Lysis buffer:20mL
・Detergent mix (50×):1mL
・Protease Inhibiotr(100×):0.7mL


Product Brochure

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