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WSE-7040EzApply DNA

Loading dye for DNA electrophoresis.

High visibility of red and blue dyes 

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WSE-7040 EzApply DNA

WSE-7040 EzApply DNA

EzApplyDNA dye
Purpose and Application
  • Loading dye for DNA electrophoresis
  • High visibility of red and blue dyes
  • Faster migration of red dye compared to Orange G
  • Sharp DNA bands (compared to Sucrose and/or glycerol)
  • Easy apply
  • Sterilized, Dnase free
  • Storable for 1 year at cold storage (unopened)
Dye 1% Agarose/TAE 2% Agarose/TAE
BPB About 400bp About 150bp
Red Less than about 50bp Less than about 10bp


Migration changes depending to buffer and the kind of agarose. 

Product number WSE-7040
Product name EzApply DNA
Major components Buffer, Ficoll, Dye(BPB, Red)
Volume 10mL  6x concentrated loading dye
Applicable amount For 50mL  Mix EzApplyDNA to Sample in 5:1 ration
Storage For 1 year at cold storage (unopened)


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