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AE-1440 EzStandard

Molecular weight marker
EzStandard is a molecular weight marker designed for SDS-PAGE of proteins.

AE-1440 EzStandard

AE-1440 EzStandard

AE-1440 EzStandard SDS-PAGE molecular weight marker sample

AE-1440 EzStandard
SDS-PAGE molecular weight marker sample

Purpose and Application

SDS-PAGE Molecular weight marker

  • Produce sharp bands
  • Stable after repeated freeze-thaw cycles
  • Ready to use
  • No need for preparation
Product number AE-1440/-2  
Product name EzStandard
Major components Protein, Tris-HCl buffer and BPB
(6 bands [protein] of 14.3 to 97.2 kDa)
(correspond to 0.07 to 0.16 μg/μL of each protein), See the above-mentioned data
Package 500 μL/tube (AE-1440-2 comes in 2 tubes)
Method of use Appropriate amount applied to the gel (e.g., 3 μL/lane to Minigel stained with CBB)
Applicable amount Approximately 160 lanes (gel) using Minigel
Storage period At -20ºC for 1 year


Instruction Manual

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