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AB-2960 BactoLumix

Chemiluminescent detection of viable bacteria 
  BactoLumix can be used for drug sensitivity test and antibiotic activity test, through the chemiluminescent determination of viable bacteria count.

AB-2960 BactoLumix

AB-2960 BactoLumix 

Purpose and Application

Antibiotic activity testdrug sensitivity test


Bactolumix can be used for drug susceptibility test and antibacterial activity test. Use of chemiluminecence for microbial count rapidly provides the result.
1.Measurement takes 5 to 20 seconds per sample.
 -The results are more rapidly available than the smear method.
2.No need for bacteriolysis for measurement, which makes procedures easier than the ATP method.
-The same viable bacteria can be reused in another assay system.
3.Can be detected up to 3 x 104 to 108/mL of microbes.
-Almost the same performance as the ATP method.

Product Number AB-2960
Product Name  BactoLumix
Major components 1.CL reagent
2.Buffer for Dissolution of CL reagent
4.Buffer for Dilution of Catalyst
5.Powder Medium for Microbial Culture
Package 1000 assay
Storage period 4°C 1 year


AB-2960 Bactolumix Brochure
AB-2960 BactoLumix Manual


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