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AE-1360 EzStain Silver

Siver staining reagent
EzStain Silver is a silver staining kit for detection of proteins and DNAs after electrophoresis. This kit is easy to prepare and detects protein and DNA components with high sensitivity.

AE-1360 EzStain Silver

AE-1360 EzStain Silver

Staining gel with AE-1360 EzStain Silver

Staining gel with AE-1360 EzStain Silver

Purpose and Application
  • Detection of Protein and DNA
  • Easily prepared by sampling 1 mL of each reagent and diluting
  • Small containers save space for storage.
  • Absence of glutaraldehyde allows application to MS*. (*MS-Mass Spectrometry)
  • Sensitivity is up to approximately 1 ng of protein and dozens of pg of nucleic acid per band.
  • Staining takes approximately 55 minutes.
  • Low running cost
Product Number AE-1360
Product Name EzStain Silver
Main compornent S-1 sodium thiosulfate
S-2 silver nitrate
S-3 sodium hydrate
S-4 sodium thiosulfate and formaldehyde
Method of use Appropriate amount of the respective preparation is placed in trays and the gel is immersed in order
Applicable amount Approximately 50 sheets of Minigel
Storage period At 4°C away from light for 2 years
Package Each solution: 50 mL/bottle


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