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WSE-7310 EzGel Ace

Neutral gel casting buffer for fast running system of  polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis with high resolution

EzGel Ace is available for high voltage / high speed electrophresis. A gel made of this buffer is preservable.

WSE-7310 EzGel Ace

WSE-7310 EzGel Ace 

Purpose and Application
  • Gel casting buffer for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
  • Suitable for separation and stacking gel
  • A gel made of this buffer is preservable for a long term (1 month at 4 degree)
  • Completion of electrophoresis within 30min at 300V c.v.
  • No smile effect
  • Similar to the migration pattern of laemmli gel
  • A gel made of this buffer is preservable for a long term (1 month at 4 degree) 
  • Suitable for SDS-PAGE, native-PAGE and DNA PAGE
  • Storable for 1 year at room temperature
Product number WSE-7310
Product name EzGel Ace
Major components Tris  etc.
Package 4x concentrated solution  250mL/Bottle  For 1L
Applicable amount 5mL/Gel 2 sheets (100 sheets as ATTO Mini Slab gel)
Storage For 1 year at room temperature (unopened)

EzGel Ace doesn't include SDS, but SDS-PAGE is available with using running buffer including SDS. 


Comparative Data of Electrophoresis


Instruction Manual

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