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WSE-7065EzRun MOPS

Buffer for fast electrophoresis system

High resolution of separation like a gradient gel with high-speed gel electrophoresis 

[High Resolution Separation of Electrophoresis!]

Purpose and Application Features Specifications Documents Optional Accessories

WSE-7065 EzRunMOPS

WSE-7065 EzRunMOPS

Pattern of electrophoresis

Comparative Data of Running Buffer

Purpose and Application

Buffer for SDS-PAGE electrophoresis

Buffer for fast electrophoresis system

  • High-speed electrophoresis (10-25min)
    (Approximately 8x9cm Mini gel:20-25min, Approximately 6x6cm Compact gel:10-15min
  • High resolution of separation for low MW protein bands
    (Similar to electrophoretic pattern of gradient gel)
  • Suitable for precast gel & hand cast gel
    (e-PAGEL, EzGelAce gel, Tris gel, Bis-Tris gel, Tris-Tricine gel  etc.)

 ※Need c-PAGEL, e-PAGEL(precast gel) in order to high-speed electrophoresis

Product number WSE-7065
Product name EzRun MOPS
Major components Tris,MOPS,SDS  20x concentrated solution
Package 250mL/Bottle
Preparation 20x dilute with distilled water
Applicable amount For 5L  500mL per 1 run (10 runs with ATTO Mini Slab chamber)
Storage For 8 months at room temperature (unopened)


Instruction Manual

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