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Reagents Electrode Buffer

Buffer for electrophoresis of DNA

TBE(Tris, Boric acid, EDTA) buffer for electrophoresis of DNA

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WSE-7051 EzRunTBE

WSE-7051 EzRunTBE 

Purpose and Application
  • Buffer for electrophoresis of DNA 
  • Sterilized, DNase free
  • Suitable for analysing low molecular weight DNA fragments
  • Storable for 1 year at room temperature
Model WSE-7051 EzRunTBE
Major components Tris, Boric acid, EDTA  x10 concentrated solution
Volume 500mL/Bottle
Preparation 10x dilute with distilled water
Applicable amount For 5L   220mL per 1 run (About 22 runs with ATTO Submerge Mini chamber)
Storage For 1 year at room temperature (unopened)


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