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AE-1415 EzRunT

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AE-1415型 EzRunT

AE-1415 EzRunT 

Electrophoresis pattern

Precast gel E-T15S e・PAGEL 

Purpose and Application
  • SDS-PAGE electrophoresis buffer for low molecular weight protein and polypeptide separation. 
  • Simple preparation:Melt in Distilled Water
  • Powder material: Easy keeping and carry
  • Simple and short time electrophoresis: Using with ATTO precast gel(low molecular protein)
Model AE-1415 EzRunT
Main components Tris, Tricine, SDS
Composition Powder/pack
Preparation x1 stock solution: Dissolve Ez-RunT in 5L Distilled water 
x10 stock solution:Desolve Ez-RunT 1pack in 500mL Distilled water
Volume after preparation  Max 5L
Amount of use 500mL/time・for 10 times (ATTO electrophoresis chamber of Mini slab size based)
Storage at Room temperature for 1 year 

Tris-Glycine electrophoresis is based on Schgger but tissue・concentration is changed. 


Instruction Manual

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