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WSE-4050 - 4053 P plus membranes

High Qualitative PVDF Membrane
P plus membrane is an extremely low background PVDF membrane suitable for chemiluminescent and calorimetric immuno blotting.

P plus membrane series

P plus membrane series

Purpose and Application
  • Western blotting of protein samples
  • Thermal blotting of lipids samples
  • Lower background than P membrane
  • Mechanical strength and chemical resistance of P plus membrane is available for multiple stripping & reprobing of blots
  • Hydrophobic property of membrane enables high signal with low background for western blotting
  • Various kinds of membrane to suit gel sizes are available
  • Available for thermal blotting of lipids
Product number WSE-4050 WSE-4051 WSE-4052 WSE-4053
Producct Name P plus membranes
Application Immuno blotting (protein/lipids samples)
Materials PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride)
Pore size 0.2μm
Size 65mm × 65mm 85mm× 90mm 130mm × 140mm 260mm × 3m
Package 20 sheets/box 20 sheets/box 10 sheets/box 1 role/box


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