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AE-1475 EzBlock Chemi

Protein-Free Blocking Buffer
EzBlock Chemi is a 5x concentrated non-protein blocking reagent for immunochemical analysis.

AE-1475 EzBlock Chemi

AE-1475 EzBlock Chemi

Purpose and Application
  • EzBlock Chemi is a 5x concentrated non-protein blocking reagent.
  • Avairable for blocking reaction of immunochemical analysis
  • Phosphoprotein immunodetection
  • Protein- free blocking reagent
  • Available for chemiluminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric detection of immunochemical analysis (Western blotting, ELISA, Histochemical analysis,,,)
  • Dilute it 5 times with distilled water before use
  • High blocking efficiency enable to obtain better signal to noise
  • Stable at 2 to 8 degree C for 1 year
Product Number AE-1475
Product Name EzBlock Chemi
Components Tris buffer, blocking agent
Method of use Dilute 5 times with distilled water
Applicable amount 2.5L
Storage period for 1 year at cold storage
Package 500mL/bottle (5x conc.)

Application Data

  • Comparison of blocking efficiency between EzBlock Chemi and skim milk
Chemi block

Blocking efficiency of EzBlock Chemi is better than skim milk.

  • Time dependency of blocking reaction with EzBlock Chemi
EzBlock Chemi data

Blocking efficiency of EzBlock Chemi depends on incubation time


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