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1D Gel Electrophoresis Mini Gel :8x9cm

Mini-Slab size electrophoresis system with integrated power supply

WSE-1150 PageRunAce is a mini PAGE system with a built-in power supply. 


WSE-1150 PageRunAce

WSE-1150M PageRunAce (Hand gel cast)
WSE-1150P PageRunAce (PAGEL)

Electrophoretic pattern

Electrophoretic pattern

Purpose and Application
  • High speed electrophoresis 20-25min
  • SDS-PAGE(SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis)
  • native-PAGE
  • High resolution separation of protein and nucleic acid
  • Purity determination, Estimation of purified product and expressed protein
  • Screening
  • For beginners of electrophoresis and students training

For high speed electrophoresis, use with [WSE-7065 EzRunMOPS] 

  • mini PAGE system with a built-in power supply
  • High mode
  • Reduce working space
  • Automatic polarity switching function
  • Quick sealing method 
  • Prevent leakage of buffer solution with flexible material in a special wave shape; electrophoresis plate and gel are firmly retained
  • Two-sided constant temperature by using lower buffer solution for reducing the thermostatic smailing


WSE-1150 PageRunAce has additional function like the below compared with the old model

  • High mode
  • LCD display
  • Timer free
  • Reduction of the power consumption
  • Improvement of Safety, Stability and Durability 
Product number WSE-1150M WSE-1150P
Product name PageRunAce
Plate For hand-made gel
For precast gel (PAGEL series)
Gel size 90mm(W)×80mm(H)×1mm(D) 90mm(W)×83mm(H)×1mm(D)
Number of gels Up to 2 gels
Electrophoresis gel isothermal method Two-sided contact temperature by using lower buffer solution
Plate setting One-touch sealing
Buffer volume Upper: 80mL  Lower: 420mL
Power supply 100~240V  50/60Hz  50VA
Polarity Automatic polarity switching function (Always lower electrode is anode (+) whichever  side the power supply unit is connected. )
Output mode Stand mode  Gel 1 sheet・2 sheets
High mode    Gel 1 sheet・2 sheets
Low mode     Gel 1 sheet・2 sheets
AC adapter  Input:100~240V (±10%)  Output:24VDC/1.5A(±5%)
Materials Power supply case:ABS
Chamber:Polycarbonate, Silicon
Dimensions/Weight 164mm(W)×94mm(D)×193mm(H)
(Without power supply and AC adapter  etc.)
 0.74kg (Without AC adapter and Plates)
Operation Outline

Product Brochure

(1.32 MB)

Movie(How to use WSE-1150) 


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