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1D Gel Electrophoresis 8×14cmゲル
WSE-1170Multiple Lane Gel Electrophoresis system

Gel size 140mm(W)、Applicable 30 samples/one gel(Max 60 samples/two gels)wide type Electrophoresis

Multiple Lane Gel Electrophoresis system

WSE-1170 Multiple Lane Gel Electrophoresis system

30 samples result pattern

30 samples pattern result 

Purpose and Application

★ Multiple Lane Gel Electrophoresis system★


A lot of samples(30) can be analyzed in one gel at once by electrophoresis

SDS-PAGE(SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis)

Non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
Protein・Separation・Identification, Purity confirmation and Molecular weight estimation etc.

Confirm the Purifies and the expression levels of protein 

Electrophoresis of DNA, confirmation of PCR products

Product Summary

Wide type electrophoresis system(Gel size 140mm in width) 

Applicable two gels at once with 60 samples max (30 samples / one gel)

Optimized for the 「High mode electrophoresis」→ completing in 30 min

Try on multiple sample screening

  • Available many samples(60 samples/two gels )electrophoresis
     For large scale screening 
     Comparable many samples in one gel at once (the same experimental condition)
  • Faster and higher-resolution electrophoresis → 「High mode electrophoresis」, it can be completed in 30min(300V c.v.)(※ Recommend to use ePAGEL-HR or hand made gel making with ATTO EzGelAce buffer and to use ATTO EzRunMOPS buffer)
  • Usable a Multi-channel Pipette  
     Sample well intervals are 4.5mm pitch, suitable for Multi-channel Pipette usage
  • The gel length is the same as the mini gel(approx. 8cm)
     Comparable with the electrophoresis pattern of the mini gel                               Enough gel length enable to get the precise protein band pattern
  • Constant temperature kept by a plenty of upper/lower buffer enable to reduce the smiling effect 
  • Auto switching polarity
    (Bottom electrode is automatically to be anode(+) Without failing by miss-connecting of electrodes)
  • Easy to apply sample
     Visible electrophoresis tank(Front open view)
  • Easy to set the gel plate with the special plate holder
     「'H' holder」 → set glass plate to the chamber without stress 
  • Well-shaped 「Perfect Seal Packing」→Prevent buffer leaking
  • High quality durable acrylic material. RI blocking effect.
Specification WSE-1170 Multiple Lane Gel Electrophoresis system
Plate size 160mm(W)×100mm(L), Total 5mm (Thickness)
Gel size 140mm(W)×80mm(H)×1mm(D)
Migration  Max two gels 30 samples/one gel
Sample apply Max 20μL/well Well(W)3mm Usage a Multi pipette
Setting plate Press a 'H' holder 
Plate homoiothermal   Upper/lower buffers are homoiothermal 
Buffer volume Total 900mL(Max)
Chamber polarity Auto switching polarity
(Bottom electrode is automatically to be anode(+) Without failing by miss-connecting of electrodes)
Safety power lead cable with safety cover
Material Acrylic, Silicone 
Unit size・weight 204mm(W)×98.6mm(D)×130mm(H) Exclude a projection
0.9kg (Excluded a migration plate)
Composition Main Unit(Chamber, plate 2pcs, power lead cable with safety cover), Dummy plate 5mm thickness, Manual

*if the auto switching polarity does not work, please contact to ATTO head office.


 Refer a casting gel kit「WSE-1195 Multi Lane Casting gel kit」



「Multiple Lane Gel Electrophoresis system」

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 Reagents(Purpose)  Product name
Buffer for casting gel(concentration and separation) WSE-7310 EzGel Ace 
Buffer for casting gel (concentration) WSE-7155 EzGel Stack 
Buffer for casting gel (separation) WSE-7150 EzGel Sep 
Color molecular weight marker(SDS-PAGE) WSE-7020 EzProtein Ladder 
Tris-Gly.-SDS migration buffer (powder) AE-1410 EzRun 
Tris-Gly.-SDS migration buffer (solution) AE-1411 EzRun 
High performance migration buffer WSE-7065 EzRunMOPS 
High performance migration buffer (bulk type) WSE-7065L EzRunMOPS 
Acetic acid and alcohol free CBB stain reagent AE-1340 EzStain AQua 
Acetic acid and alcohol free CBB stain reagent (bulk type) AE-1340L EzStain AQua 
TAE buffer for DNA  WSE-7050 EzRun TAE 
TBE buffer for DNA WSE-7051 EzRun TBE  
Loading buffer for DNA WSE-7040 EzApply DNA 
Molecular weight marker WSE-7030 EzDNA Ladder 
Fluorescent stain reagent WSE-7130 EzFluoroStain DNA 




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