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Time-lapse live cell imaging system

Live Cell Research Time-lapse live cell imaging system

WSL-1800 CytoWatcher is compact digital microscope.

No stress to take space in laboratory and moisture resistant for setting in COincubator to detect time lapse live cell.

WSL-1800 CytoWatcher
Purpose and Application

To detect bright field images for culture cell, stained cell/tissue, time-lapse live cell.

Usable like a microscope.

Product Summary

WSL-1800 CytoWatcher is applied a 5M pixels with color digital camera.

The camera is compatibility to detecting a cell, tissue etc.

CytoWatcher is simple to install only connect USB cable with PC and control software is able to detect an image, save an image, create movie file etc.

CytoWatcher is moisture resistant and usable in incubator, clean bench in order to detecting a time-lapse live cell.


Time-lapse live cell imaging with incubating

CytoWatcher can do time-lapse live cell imaging in CO2 incubator


[1] Growth of NIH3T3 cells

Mouse fibroblast NIH3T3 cells on a 10 cm dish, Imaging for 72 h (30 minutes-intervals)


[2] Wound healing assay

Imaging for 24 h (30 minutes-intervals) after scratching the cultured layer of 100% confluent NIH3T3 cells on a 35 mm dish


[3] Differentiation into Adipocyte-like cells

Swiss 3T3 L-1 cells imaging for 7days (1 h-intervals) after replacing to the differentiation inducing medium (DMEM, 10 % FBS, 250 nM Dexamethazone, 0.5 mM Isobutylmethylxanthin, 10 ug/mL Insulin)


5M Pixels color digital camera

CytoWatcher is applied 4x object lens with 5M pixels color digital camera.

Field of view 1.425mm×1.070mm


  1/4 Scale down


  1/2 Scale down


  Display 100%(Monitor resolusion 1:1)

Contrast adjustment

Transparent cell case, difficult to see it because of low contrast.

Cytowatcher control software can catch easy to see it by auto-contrast adjusting function.


  Before contrast adjustment


  Auto-contrast adjusted image

Imaging of Stained Cells


  Adipose differentiated cells(mouse Swiss 3T3 L-1 derivered)

  Oil Red O stain


  Section preparation of basal ganglia(mammal)

  Masson trichrome stain

Camera 5M Pixels Color CMOS
Resolusion 2592 x 1944 pixels 
Object Lens  4x
Focus Manual adjustment
Field of view 1.425 mm x 1.070 mm
Light source White LED
Moisture Resistant Usable humidity 95%RH (Usable in CO2 incubator)
Control Software ImageSaverT for Windows
Function: Live image display / Save image files / Time-lapsed capturing
Image format: 8 bit TIFF / JPEG / BMP (Color / Monochrome)
PC connection  USB 3.0 (Monitor resolution is needed more than 1024 x 768)
Cable length: 80 cm
OS Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 64 bit / 32 bit
Size 130 mm (W) x 180 mm (D) x 190 mm (H)
Weight 2.5 kg
Power USB (bus power) 5 VDC

※Extension USB cable (3 m) is option (Code No.3601809, USB 3.0 extension cable).


WSL-1800 CytoWatcher brochure

Control software

Installation a control software "ImageSaverT" to Windows PC (connection with USB 3.0 cable)

Acquire images for live or time-lapse capturing.


Usable as a portable microscope

CytoWatcher is a compact size microscope with a color camera.  


Usable in Clean bench

Usable in clean bench with a optional USB 3.0 extension cable


Detection a time-lapse in incubator

CytoWatcher is moisture resistance device. 



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