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WSC-2400SeesawShaker atto

WSC-2400 uses Metronome shacking method.

Purpose for dyeing, decoloration and reaction of gel and blotting membrane

SeesawShaker atto

SeesawShaker atto

Swing back and forth

Swing back and forth.

Purpose and Application
  • Shaker for various purpose
  • For dyeing of electrophoresis gel, dyeing of blotting membrane and decoloration
  • General purpose like cultivation, a mix, abstraction and so on is also available
  • Metronome style shaking, swing back and forth; There is no spotted
  • Platform size is 309x202 mm ; ATTO Mini gel 6 pcs
  • Control speed with knob
  • Upper platform can be attached additionally (option)
  • Rudder band holder (option)
  • Use in refrigerator is available (Environmental temperature 4℃~40℃)
  • 2 plastic cases suitable for ATTO Mini gel size are attached
Product number WSC-2400
Product name SeesawShaker atto
How to shake  Metronome method, Swing back and forth
Shaking speed/angle   0~48rpm (No speed display)  ±8 degree 
Max. weight load  3.0kg (When use upper platform, upper 0.8kg  lower 1.2kg)
Platform size   309mm(W)×202mm(D) Available for ATTO Mini gel 6 pieces
Environmental temperature  4~40℃
Dimension/Weight  303mm(W)×205mm(D)×165.2mm(H)  4.7kg  
Power  AC100~120V  50/60Hz
Component Main unit, Stick sheet, plastic case x2, Instruction manual



Suitable for 6 plastic cases Rudder band holder Additional upper platform

Product Brochure

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