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Color CMOS camera adopted with touch panel system or PC software control system

Gel Documentation System Gel Documentation System
WSE-5400Printgraph Classic

「WSE-5400 Printgraph Classic」is gel documentation system which is adopted color CMOS camera. Connecting with touch panel system or PC software control system user can select it.  

「Classic」but adopted new technology!  

ATTO original gel documentation system name of Printgraph series which has been selling for 30 years and its series sold more than 4000 units so far.

Printgraph Classic
Purpose and Application
  • UV light: Capture EtBr stained gel, SYBR Green/Safe stained gel image
  • White LED plate light source: CBB stained gel, silver stained gel etc.(Option)
  • Cyan LED light source: Capture several stained gel image(Option)
  • Color mode/Monochrome mode selectable
  • Immediately captured image print out
  • Captured image save to USB memory
Product Summary

●WSE-5400-UP Printgraph Classic


①Color CMOS camera:Resolution 2048×1536

②Dark room:Peeping window・Usable for cutting gel works

③10 inch LCD touch panel control system or PC software control system :Selection

④WUV-M20 UV light box:312nm (Sample size: 200mm(W) x 200mm(D))

⑤SONNY UP-X898MD thermal printer

●Quick ready to use~Simple operation for printing out・Saving an image


①Image:Save an image・image select

②Capture:Capture mode

③End:be Sleep mode/ re-start with touching on monitor

④Auto:Auto exposure time adjustment

⑤Zoom:Zoom adjustment(1x~8x)

⑥Exposure time:Adjust exposure time

⑦Print:SONNY UP-X898 Thermal printer(monochrome)


⑨Save:Save an image to USB memory

⑩Freeze:After setting a sample on tray, push on "Freeze" and turned off UV lamp in order to avoid the sample damage. Freeze mode can save an image to USB memory and print out. 

●Capture image

EzFluoroStainDNA stained gel(Color mode)


CBB stained gel(Green mode)

 Model Name WSE-5400
 Camera High resolution Color CMOS
 Resolution 2048×1536
 Lens F1.4 12mm Fixed focal lens
 Zoom 1x~8x 0.2×Step/1×Step adjustable
 Control 10 inch touch LCD panel or PC software control
 Filter Orange filter(50mm)
 View area 25mm(W)×18mm(D)~200mm(W)×150mm(D) 
 File fromat 16bitTIFF, 8bitTIFF, BMP, JPEG
 Exposure time 1msec~10sec
 Satuation White level

Dark room:340mm(W)×275mm(D)×437mm(H) 9.0kg

Controler(Touch system)264mm(W)×150mm(D)×222mm(H) 2.5kg

 Power AC100V-240V 2A 50/60Hz (AC adapter)

 WSE-5400 Brochure


You can download various documents (PDF)

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