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Touch Panel & Mouse Control Gel Documentation System

Gel Documentation System Gel Documentation System
WSE-5300Printgraph CMOS I

「WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I」is High Resolution 6M pixels monochrome CMOS camera applied with Touch panel & Mouse control system.

Detecting by UV light source which DNA(EtBr) and detection CBB pattern with white flat LED light source.

*WSE-5200 Printgraph2M is discontinued. 

Printgraph CMOS I
Purpose and Application
  • UV light source: 312nm for EtBr, SYBR Green/Safe stained gel etc.
  • White Flat LED: CBB stained gel, Silver stained gel etc.
  • CyanRed Epi: UV free! detecting much higher resolution fluorescence than Blue LED.
  • Direct Print out: Connect with High quality digital graphic printer(SONY UP-X898MD)
  • Save an image in main unit, direct to USB memory and send Tablet(WiFi Control) etc. 
Product Summary

●6 Mega pixels high resolution CMOS camera Gel Documentation System

「WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I」is detectable high resolution image. 

WSE-5300A 1

●Quck response touch panel system

「WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOSⅠ」is quick response by high quality touch panel system.


●UV free for Hazard free from experiment!

ATTO original「CyanRed Epi」applied. 510nm of Cyan excitation can detect EtBr(UV free)

Also, ATTO EzFluoroStainDNA which is high sensitive fluorescence stain reagent instead of  EtBr. (EtBr free)

 Model WSE-5300
Camera High Resolution Monochrome CMOS
 Resolution High:2927×2054       Standard:1463×1027
 Format 16bit TIFF / 8bit TIFF/BMP/JPEG
Lens x6 Auto Zoom lens (Iris/Zoom/Focus)
 Monitor 8 inch Touch LCD Panel
 Filter 6 position 595nm filter as standard
(EtBr, EzFluoroStainDNA, SYBR Dye etc.)
Camera View Area 45mm(W)×30mm(D)~260mm(W)×180mm(D) 
Image file 16bit TIFF, 8bit TIFF, BMP, JPEG
 Exposure time 5msec~10sec
 White Flat LED Standard
 UV light

312nm WSE-5300A,WSE-5300UV

Sample size: 200mm(W) x 200mm(D)

 CyanRed Epi

Cyan:510nm             Red:623nm 


 Printer SONY UP-X898MD 
 WiFi LAN IEEE802.11b/g/n
 Interface USB:3 port /LAN:1 port
 Size 305(W)×620(H)×450(D)
Weight 28㎏
Power AC100V-240V

 WSE-5300 brochure


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