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Hand Gel Casting Glass Plate, Comb, etc.
RM-101mm Plate set

Glass plates and gasket set for mini size polyacrylamide gel casting 

Easy setting with specially designed seal gasket

RM-10 1mm Plate Set

RM-10 1mm Plate Set

Purpose and Application
  • 1mm Plate Set
      For WSE-1150 PageRun-Ace, AE-6500/6530 and more
    Available for hand made gel casting of electrophoresis in the below.
  • nativePAGE
  • Protein separation & identification, determination of purity, estimation of molecular weight
  • Examination of purified product and expressed 
  • Detection of PCR products, DNA electrophoresis
  • Screening 
  • Experimental training for students or researchers
  • Determination of enzyme form
Product Summary

Glass plates and seal gasket set for polyacrylamide gel casting of mini slab size (90mm(W)x80mm(H)x1mm(Thickness)) (1 set).

The component of this set, RM-10 is same as that of AE-6401 without comb and clip.


Easy setting with specially designed seal gasket 

Product number RM-10
Product name 1mm Plate Set
Plate size 120mm(W)x102mm(L), Total 7mm tickness
Gel size 90mm(W)x80mm(H)x1mm(D)
Number of gel plate 1 plate
Materials Glass, Silicon
Components MAB-10 Notched glass plate (120mm(W)x102mm(L), 1mm thickness) x1
MB-00 Plain glass plate (120mm(W)x102mm(L)) x1
RMS-01 Seal gasket (120mm(W), for 0.75mm/1mm) x1

RM-10 includes plain glass plate, notched glass plate and gasket.



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