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AE-7310Compact Gel Cast

Gel casting kit for ATTO Compact Gel

Easy setting & making a compact gel (Width 60 mm x Height 60 mm).

AE-7310 Compact Gel Cast

AE-7310 Compact Gel Cast

Purpose and Application

Gel casting kit for compact size (60 x 60 mm, thickness 0.75 mm) slab gel

Compatible electrophoresis apparatus:

  • AE-7300/7350 cPAGE
  • WSE-1010 cPAGE Ace and more
  • Easy setting; piling plates and fixing by clips
Product number AE-7310
Product name Compact Gel Cast
Gel size 60 mm(W) x 60 mm(H )x 0.75 mm(D)  (Compact slab size)
Number of gel 1 piece
Plate CAB-075 Notched plate/CB-00 Plain plate
Sample comb CP075-12 Smiling-less compact comb 12-well (Well 2.9 mm width, 8μL/well) 0.75 mm thickness, PP mold
Material Gel caster(Acrylic, Silicon, Stainless steel, Aluminum), Plate(Glass)
Dimension/Weight 93 mm(W) × 45 mm(D) × 75 mm(H), 0.2 kg (Main unit only)

Main unit :1

Plate set (CAB-075 Notched plate/CB-00 Plain plate) :1

CP075-12 Smiling-less compact comb :1


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