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Pre-wet PVDF Membrane & Filter paper for Semi-Dry blotting

Blotting Reagents & Membranes Transfer Buffer
WSE-4055QBlot Kit

Needless preparation!Use pre-wet PVDF membrane& filter paper immediately. 

「QBlot Kit」is prepared pre-wet PVDF membrane & filter paper.「QBlot Kit」is composited 10 stacks/box. 

  1 stack for 1 transfer and 「QBlot Kit」may use all Semi-Dry blotting systems.

  Shortest 5-10 min until 250kDa protein transfer with ATTO High-Speed transfer blotting system!

QBlot Kit QBlot Kit

WSE-4055 QBlot Kit

10 stacks/Box

Purpose and Application

Semi-Dry blotting

ATTO Mini gel size(8.5×9cm)

Pre-wet PVDF membrane & filter paper

Product Summary

・Ready to use
・Faster transfer : Molecular weight ~250kDa!
・Prevention for transfer non-uniformity /  pattern falling out by bobble
・Save a time with convenient!
・Alcohol free


Western blotting is needed a workflow for equilibrating membrane and filter paper. Normally, the equilibration is taken 15~30 min.

QBlot kit is needless the equilibration and it may use for western blotting immediately. 

ATTO made shortest time for transfer 5-10 min with good transfer efficiency. 

「QBlot Kit」not only ATTO Semi-dry blotting system but also,「QBlot Kit」may use other semi-dry transfer system as well. 

Model name    WSE-4055 QBlot Kit

Top Stack 90×85mm(10 pouch bags)
(Filter paper)

Bottom Stack 90×85mm(10 pouch bags)
(PVDF membrane・Filter paper)

Gel Wash Buffer(5×)100mL

Term 1 year(Cold storage)
Volume 10 stacks/box

1 transfer: Use 1 pouch bag of Top Stack and 1 pouch bag of Bottom Stack

*Material detail

ATTO PVDF Membrane: WSE-4051 ClearBlot P+Membrane(pore size 0.2μm)

Filter paper is used non-woven(High quality absorbency) for QBlot Kit only

ATTO Gel Wash Buffer: 5x Dilution with DW

How to use

Take "Bottom Stack" out


Rolling it to removing a bobble


Layout it with sample gel


Rolling it to removing a bobble


Take "Top Stack" out


Overlay "Top Stack"


Rolling it to removing a bobble

Set "Top electrode cover"(ATTO blotting system) and start "Blotting"

Transfer condition

ATTO Mini gel (1pc)

Standard(C.V) 12V(300~800mA) 15~30 min
Standard(C.V) 600mA(10~30V) 15~30 min
High Speed(C.V) 24V(600~1600mA) 5~10 min
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