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UV Monitor, Fraction Collector UV Monitor
AC-5100 UV Monitor

UV monitor to measure UV absorption at 280 or 254 nm of liquid eluting from chromatography system.

AC-5100 UV Monitor

AC-5100 UV Monitor

Purpose and Application

AC-5100 UV Monitor measures UV absorption of eluate from liquid chromatography system. 

  • Recorder output ranges from 0 to 10 mV.
  • Optical system is compact and minimizes dead volume.
  • Flow cell is easy to remove and maintain, and can be autoclaved.
  • Various flow cells with different light path length and volume are available depending on your purpose.
  • Various wavelength filters are available.
Product Number AC-5100
  AC-5100S (Optical Device) / AC-5100L (Control Device)
Product Name UV Monitor
Light source Low-pressure mercury lamp
Optical Device Silicone Photo Diode
Wavelength 254 nm, 280 nm (2 wavelength filters are included standard accessories)
Absorbance Range  0.1/ 0.2/ 0.5/ 1.0/ 2.0 Abs
 (5 steps selectable)
Display None
Event Marker About - 1.5mV, MARK Switch ON Time, 
Balance Adjustment 10 Rotation Potentiometer
Flow Cell Quartz, Optical Path Length (5 mm), Volume (60 μL), Inner Diameter φ1.7 - 0.9 mm Teflon Tube
Absorbance Output Recorder (0 - 10 mV)
Environmental Condition Room Temperature 2 - 35 °C / Relative Humidity should be under 90 %
Power AC100±10V  50/60Hz  7 VA
Dimentions AC-5100S (Optical Device): 69(W)x144(D)x74(H)mm
AC-5100L (Control Device): 114(W)x184(D)×74(H)mm
Weight AC-5100S (Optical Device): 0.8 kg
AC-5100L (Control Device): 1.4 kg

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