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Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Small type :8x10cm

Voltage setting of integrated power supply is changeable to 50V,100V and 150V by simple operation.




Lines on gel tray are emitted by excitation light(UV). These lines help to confirm the migration distance of each band.

Purpose and Application

Agarose gel electrophoresis system for DNA
Analysis of PCR-amplified fragments
Separation of nucleic acids


★ Hi-Speed(High voltage150V) electrophoresis available、alarm timer function★

  • 50V, 100V, 150V, constant voltage
  • Timer setting 0~99 min
    (0min:Free、time finishing with alarmed)
  • Safety: open cover error with alarmed.
    (LED shows E1 with alarmed)
  • buffer approx 200 m L
  • Gel tray L size 2pcs, S size 4pcs
  • UV transparent gel tray
  • Combs for muti-channel pipet
  • 3mm, 5.8mm double edged comb
Model WSE-1710 Submerge-Mini  
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System Submerge type, Horizontal
Gel tray size S:54mm(W)×60mm(L), L:110mm(W)×60mm(L) 
Sample comb Well 3mm/5.8mm double edged comb、1mm thickness,multi-pipet applicable
S:18well (9well×2) /10well (5well×2), L:22well /12well 
Buffer solution 200~230mL
Power Input AC100~120V and 230V*Inquiry  50/60Hz
Output DC50V / DC100V / DC150V   40W
Timer 1~99min(0min:free),shows left time
Display LED (Hour, min, shows Ed(End Time), Cover open error E1)
Safety Open cover error (E1 displayed with alarmed)
Product Size 190mm(W)x130mm(D)x60mm(H)  0.45kg
Component Main unit (Electrophoresis chamber, Power supply unit, Safety cover), Gel casting kit S(Gel tray S x4, Gel tray S x1, Comb S x2), Gel casting kit L(Gel tray L x2, Gel tray L x1, Comb L x2), Power cable, Instruction Manual

「Mupid 2plus」's tray is applicable but 「Mupid exU」's tray is unavailable.

Submerge Mini_system and gel tray

Product Brochure

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