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Business Lines Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biotechnology.
Brief Introduction ATTO Corporation is a scientific instrument developer and manufacturer for protein/nucleic acid research.
Long been providing Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Devices, PAGEL(precast gel), Perista(R) Pump, Printgraph (Gel Documentation System), Ez-Capture (Imaging System for bio/chemi-luminescence detection), etc. and the products have been used in many of laboratories in Japan and other countries.
ATTO also has released new analytical tools for gene expression study as Cellgraph, Kronos Dio, Luminescenser Octa, Cluc, etc. in these days when the protein/bio-molecule research has making great advance every seconds.

ATTO featured Products

Bioluminescence Detection System
The advanced ultra-sensitive single-cell imaging device to measure extremely weak bioluminescence from marked gene
Kronos Dio
A new type of luminometer which can measure a change of the gene expression of living cell in real time
Luminescenser Octa
Luminescencer Octa
An advanced luminometer equipped with 3 color detection system which can monitor plural luciferases activity simultaneously.
CLuc Reporter Assay Kit
CLuc Reporter Assay Kit
Reagents kit for gene expression analysis including new secreting type of luciferase, which has unique character and usability . 
Precast Gel
Standard precast gels, offering good operability and high reproducibility to support researchers
Electrophoretic Apparatus
WSE-1100 PageRun-R
Space-saving and Easy-to-run Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Chamber with integrated power supply.
Gel Documentation System
Printgraph AE-6933FX
Printgraph is a gel documentation system, sales of which exceeds 4,000 in Japan, and has established a standard position in gel documentation products. 
Chemiluminescent Imaging System
Ez-CaptureMG AE-9300
Ez-Capture MG is a chemiluminescence imaging system equipped with a highly sensitive cooled CCD camera, 
offering high performance and operability at affordable price.
Peristaltic Tube Pump
Perista(R) Pump
Perista Pump

Perista(R) Pump is a positive displacement pump which compresses the flexible tube and fluid contained it, moves it forward as the rotor turns.
Widely used  in chromatographic separation or drug addition, fluid circulation, etc.

Perista(R) Pump is ATTO's registered trade mark